Bedford Fire Department Reminds Everyone February is Heart Health Month
By President Donna Orrico
February 12, 2018

Bedford Fire Department members are wearing red to reminde everyone that February is Heart Health Month!
Your heart is one of the most vital organs you have, so if you take care of it, it will take care of you!

Did you know...

1 million
People who will have a heart attack or die from coronary heart disease this year

16.5 million
Americans age 20 and older who are living with coronary heart disease

People who will have a stroke this year

Cardiac arrests that occur outside a hospital each year

103 million
Adults with high blood pressure

6.5 million
Americans age 20 and older who are living with heart failure

38 percent
Rise in the number of high blood pressure deaths between 2005 and 2015

23 million
Adults with Type 2 diabetes

15 percent
Adults who smoked in 2015

56 million
People 40 and older who are eligible for cholesterol-lowering statins

38 percent
Adults who were obese as of 2014

Source: “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics—2018 Update: A Report from the American Heart Association,” Circulation (numbers rounded)

Below are some links that we recommend for further reading about heart health.

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