It's official: 2018 was the busiest year on record for Bedford Fire Company No.1!
By Fire Chief Andrew Klein
January 4, 2019

Last year the Bedford Fire Department responded to 778 total calls, including 461 Fire calls, 254 EMS calls, and 63 MVA dual-response calls. While we are extremely grateful to every one of our members who perform together in different and varied functions to make the company work as a whole, we would like to make a special mention of our Top Ten Responders for 2018:

1. Lt. James Best - 389 calls
2. FFT John Best - 328 calls
3. Capt. Peter Meineck - 324 calls
4/5. FFT Keith Branche - 248 calls
4/5. FFT/EMT Frank Castelli - 248 calls
6. Lt. Wesley Albright - 226 calls
7. Lt. Heather Feldman - 203 calls
8. Lt. Daniel Powell - 192 calls
9. FFT/EMT Paul Aquilino - 186 calls
10. FFT/EMT Peter Lazaro - 177 calls
10. FFT Craig Moccia - 177 calls

This list does not include our Chiefs: Chief Shawn Carmody (421 calls), 1st Asst. Chief Andy Klein (642 calls) and 2nd Asst. Chief Aric Bittker (181 calls), who are typically first on scene for all emergencies. All in all, we had 23 members who responded to over 100 calls each in 2018 - also a record.

Many thanks to all of our members and to the wonderful community of Bedford Village that supports us.

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