Lifesaving Device Donated
By Fire Chief Andrew Klein
April 11, 2019

A big thank you from the entire Bedford Village community to the amazing neighbor who anonymously donated a $3000+ piece of medical equipment for our first-due ambulance, which can be used to monitor vitals (BP, Pulse and Pulse Ox) while a patient is being transported to the hospital. This device constantly monitor's the patient's vitals for irregularities, allowing the EMT to continuously engage with and provide care to the patient.

Our department runs both Fire and EMS, using your fire taxes to purchase medical equipment and supplies on top of our fire needs. Most Volunteer ambulances in NYS recover costs by third-party billing, but fire departments, by law, cannot bill.

The Members of the Bedford Fire Department would like to personally thank this person and the many others who have generously donated specialized equipment to the department. We keep our budgets tight, and these private donations give some high-end, life-saving equipment we wouldn't otherwise have.

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