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2021 Incidents
Jan 19 19 2
Feb 20 18 5
Mar 30 30 6
Apr 20 22 0
May 28 22 3
Jun 48 20 2
Jul 27 22 3
Aug 23 26 3
Sep 35 19 3
Oct 37 32 7
Total 287 230 34

2021 Hour Meter
Month Calls
Jan 224.29
Feb 384.44
Mar 378.57
Apr 293.29
May 499.43
Jun 276.59
Jul 218.99
Aug 287.09
Sep 315.57
Oct 396.39
Total 3274.65

Past Incidents
2020 327 214 39
2019 337 261 82
2018 461 254 63
2017 366 222 50
2016 389 276
2015 344 263
2014 316 266
2013 346 240
2012 397 234
2011 382 263
2010 429 243

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