Propane Leak on Tarleton Road
By Second Assistant Fire Chief Graham Glauber
February 19, 2021

At 4:59 p.m. on February 19th, Bedford FD was alerted to a propane leak at 24 Tarleton Road.

On arrival it was determined that contractor had hit the fixed standby generator for the property with a machine, and damaged the gas feed line. Propane was actively leaking from the unit. Car 2041 called for a tanker from Banksville FD to provide additional water on scene in the event of an ignition.

Because of the snow cover, the buried propane tank was not easily accessible. Members dug holes around the house to located the dome of the tank, and were able to shut off the gas from there. The tank was 1000 gallons in size, and had approximately 300 gallons left inside.

Members also secured the electrical panel and feed for the generator inside the house, and returned to service.

Units: Car 2041, Car 2042, Car 2043, Engine 110, Engine 109, Rescue 44
Mutual Aid: Banksville FDTanker 17, Battalion 16