Car Into Wall in the Village
By Second Assistant Fire Chief Graham Glauber
October 16, 2021

While assembling for an automatic fire alarm on Oliver Road, members at the fire department witnessed a vehicle travel directly across the Village Green from Pound Ridge Road (Route 172) and into the stone wall adjacent to Historical Hall.

Immediately Car 2046 requested a dispatch from 60 Control. Car 2042 handled the fire alarm, and Car 2043 was first on scene at the accident.

A minivan was located into a stonewall with air bags deployed and an unconscious driver. The rear window was broken to allow access to the occupant, who was then extricated and treated by Ambulance 52-B2 crews. They were transported to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla.

Remaining crews from Rescue 44 and Engine 110 assisted with traffic and debris clean up at the scene.

This was a busy day for Bedford FD; we handled 10 calls including 4 commercial fire alarms at the Fox Lane campus, an inside electrical issue on East Field Drive, two residential alarms on Oliver Road and Hickory Road, and two EMS calls on Millbrook Place and Long Ridge Road.

Units: Car 2041, Car 2042, Car 2043, Engine 110, Ambulance 52-B2, Rescue 44