Close Call in the Hunting Ridge Mall
By First Assistant Fire Chief Graham Glauber
March 1, 2022

At 6:40 a.m. on March 1st, Bedford FD was dispatched with Bedford Hills FD (automatic dispatch) for a possible building fire at the Hunting Ridge Mall on Old Post Road.

Arriving Car 2041 located a pile of debris on fire in the rear of the building. Engine 110 stretched a line and extinguished the fire; it was determined the material had been removed from the rear of the Bedford Village Pastry store, where it had ignited.

There was damage to the wall inside the business; the area was checked with a thermal imaging camera for extension and any pockets of residual heat. The area was also metered and ventilated to remove smoke and fumes.

The business remained out of service for the day for clean up and County inspection.

As a reminder, rags treated with cleaning solvents and other chemicals or oils CAN spontaneously ignite. Always keep these items in a safe place, away from any ignition sources or flammable substances; and be aware of the products that have a tendency to do this.

Bedford units returned to service in under an hour from dispatch.

Units: Bedford Hills Tanker 5, Tower Ladder 57, Battalion 16, Bedford PD